Divorce? …learn your options regarding the house!

Few things in life are as stressful as a divorce.  Going through the process of selling the family property and dividing the assets only adds to the ordeal.

Florida Real Estate Options can lessen that pain.  We will provide you with a free market analysis of the property and we can inventory all of the contents as well.

If you need to sell the property quickly, we can bring cash buyers to the table.

If you have more time, we will evaluate the property and determine ways in which to maximize the value.  If repairs are needed, we will gather the bids, present them to you and upon your approval, oversee all work.

If it is determined that having the home staged will increase the property’s appeal, we can coordinate that.   And finally, if you do not have a realtor, we will present several well respected agents in the area from whom you may chose.

How is real estate handled in divorce situations in Florida?

Under Florida divorce law, and “equitable distribution” of the marital assets and liabilities is required. This includes real estate owned by the parties. The court will divide marital assets and liabilities 50-50 unless there are factors that would make an echo spill inequitable.

In Florida, how is real estate divided when divorcing?

If a homeowner wants to sell the property as part of the divorce, they will need to include a petition claim in the divorce paperwork. Yes the petition is granted, the home maybe either divided amongst the parties or sold with the proceeds been divided amongst the couple.

What happens to the mortgage in a Florida divorce?

Yes the home is not sold is part of the divorce, one spouse will be required to make the monthly mortgage payments. However, if the spouse required to make payments fails to pay, both parties may still be liable to the bank.

Alternatively, divorce lawyers will require the spouse who keeps the home to refinance the mortgage and just their name. Otherwise, if they remain on the mortgage they can still be liable to the bank even if they no longer on the property.

At Florida Real Estate Options, we realize that life can come at you fast. We have gone through it ourselves and stand ready to help you and your family.

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